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FTN Applications  v.1.0

This project is to provide a repository of FTN applications, especially those that do not otherwise have public project space, for use on Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN)

PAT: Persistent Applications Toolkit  v.1.08

PAT: Persistent Applications Toolkit, AOP (JBossAOP) persistence library (aspect library).Provides persistence layer with underlying Prevayler (1.02). Allows users to write their code without worrying about persistence code (POJO).Uses Format Applications  v.1.0

Applications compliant with the Format specification can be installed onto any removable medium so that you can take your programs on the go. For more see the official PortableApps project at

Scientific Java Applications  v.1.0

Collection of Java Applications related to Scientific World. All these applications have their source code available and can be easily changed by other programmers.Visit for more

TinyTcl, Tcl for embedded applications  v.681

TinyTcl is a tiny version of Tcl, for small footprint machines and embeddable/rommable applications. It is derived from Tcl 6.7 and compiles to less than 60K, 10X smaller than Tcl 7 and Tcl

Wii Applications  v.1.0

This project aims to provide a lightweight and easy to use library for interfacing with the Wii Remote. Applications that demonstrate the use of the library and the Wii Remote have also been

Wiimote Applications  v.1.0

Wiimote Applications utilizing the WiiYourself! 1.01a c++ library. To use these windows console applications, you should update your .net framework and your bluetooth drivers; else risk crashing application or

Wikidsmart Applications by zAgile  v.3.5

Wikidsmart Applications provide powerful solutions for üM (application lifecycle management) and CRM within Confluence and JIRA for managing Requirements, Tests, Customer Cases, Customer On-Boarding, and more. The applications contextually integrate

Bi-gram based Applications  v.1.0

Bi-gram applications based on language models produced by SRILM from Chinese Wikipedia corpus, include Chinese word segmenter, word-based (not character-based) Traditional-Simplified Chinese converter and Chinese syllable-to-word converter.

Java Applications for Studenta  v.1.0

When I was a student, I was looking for simple java applications to learn more but at that time there was no such resources to learn from, I hated complicated projects and all I wanted was simple apps to understand the language. Here are some...

Facebook Applications  v.1.0

Free and open source facebook applications written in PHP5 and MySQL.

Small Photo Applications  v.rc

A collection of small applications for Mac OS X dealing with photos in various situations. The is first tool is PhotoDwarf, which shrinks your images.

PIAF - Prototype Image Applications Fast  v.2010.09.29

PIAF (Prototype Image Applications Fast) is a prototyping tool for helping development of image processing algorithms. Based on a Qt GUI, it can display and process several live video inputs or still images with a plugins based architecture.

Ai applications  v.1.0

ai applications,or 'aiapps', is a suite of applications applying algorithms and methods from the domain/field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, evolutionary computation, neural nets real world problems

Multi-Touch Library and Applications  v.1.0

This project aims at developing usable software for Jeff-Han-style multitouch-tables. As there is no "official" multitouch-lib yet, it comes with its own until something better is found. Currently, the applications are only proof of concept ...

Multi-Touch Tabletop Applications in C#  v.1.0

A C# implementation of some simple tabletop applications that showcase the functionality of a multi-touch display. The applications support multiple simultaneous users and demo the possible interactions for collaboration and play on a multi-touch surface

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